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Coterie: /ˈkōdərē,ˌkōdəˈrē/: 

an intimate and often exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest.



Established in 2021, Petra’s Cellar specializes in bringing unique and exclusive fine wines from small South African wineries to California.

These wines are not easily found anywhere else and are limited in quantity, for a limited number of people.

Be part of a circle of wine lovers and enjoy exclusive privileges and benefits that Petra’s Cellar private membership offers.

Join us today.

  • The Aficionado

    Every month
    • Save 15% by signing up for our wine coterie
    • Receive 3 amazing wines each month
  • Best Value

    The Epicurean

    Every month
    • Need more wine in your life? We've got you covered!
    • Receive 6 bottles monthly and save an additional 5%
  • The Enthusiast

    Every month
    • Need a little less? Receive 6 bottles every quarter
    • $198 per shipment divided into 3 payments
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