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Meet the Springfonteiners


Hello wine friends! It is with great delight that we announce a new winery has joined our collection of South African wines. Springfontein is a small family winery founded in 1996 by Dr. Johst Weber. Originally from Germany with an engineering background and experience in natural resource management, he had the idea of creating a place where friends and families could get together and enjoy life. This idea began to take shape in 1995 with the chance sighting of an ad in Decanter Magazine that described the limestone rich soils of the Springfontein region. A short time later Tariro Masayiti and Dr. Johst Weber set out on a mission to produce Organic wines which are proudly African and uniquely South African through innovative experimentation and use of the land’s natural characteristics for both the vineyard and cellar. Tariro Masayiti has had an unstoppable push for creativity and quality that has resulted in internationally acclaimed wines, from stunning blends to exceptional high-quality 100% Pinotage, Chenel and Chenin Blanc wines. This Zimbabwean pioneer in South African wine has become synonymous with creativity, attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship. The rest of the leadership team is also unique as they also co-own the winery. Dr Hildegard Witbooi, most probably the only woman and definitely the only Khoisan heading an estate’s viticulture and the hospitality side, and Jeanne Vito, born in Chablis with roots in Togo is the head of international business. Springfontein winery is located within the Walker Bay District and is the only producer under the appellation “Springfontein Rim”. This area has a unique cool climate, as it is situated south the Springfontein Mountains with the southern Atlantic only miles away. The Benguela oceanic current provides cool evening breezes that naturally reduces harmful vine microbes and extends the ripening time of the grapes. This extended ripening time allows for unique flavors and precise sugar content that is desirable for the vineyard’s wines. Not only are their wines organic and sustainable, but it is also completely vegan friendly as well. So, sip guilt free! Gesondheid! Take a look at these wonderful wines by clicking below.

The 4 collections include: Daredevils' Drums | Limestone Rocks | Single Vineyards | Ulumbaza

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