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We are delighted to announce that our very first shipment of South African wines have arrived and we cannot wait to share it with you.

So pour a glass and sip with us! All our wines are available for purchase here.

Take a look at our first two featured wineries...

Stephen Richardson, Petra Snyman, Gizelle Coetzee


Mellasat is a small producer from Paarl in the Western Cape. The Richardson family founded Mellasat in 1996. Stephen Richardson, originally from England, removed the farm’s existing Chenin Blanc vines and planted a larger variety of vines including Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Pinotage. Under the keen eye of viticulturist, Poena Malherbe, new rootstocks were selected that work in perfect harmony with the warm climate and granite-rich soils.

Winemakers Stephen Richardson and Gizelle Coetzee are quite the pioneers and created the first white Pinotage. It’s a lovely white wine made from the red Pinotage grapes with tropical fruit and creaminess on the palate. They make small batches of wine with a ton of personality and flavor. Mellasat is a true hidden gem.

Petra Snyman, Vernon Cole, Toit Wessels


Vernon Cole, the very charismatic owner of Ridgeback, named the winery after the original Ridgeback dogs that lived on the property and have kept Ridgeback dogs on the farm ever since.

Sustainability is very important to them and include the following practices:

  • they installed solar panels for clean energy

  • take a minimalistic approach to wine making

  • follow biodynamic farming practices

  • make sure that their wines are completely vegan friendly

Ridgeback, a family-owned, medium-sized production winery has the very talented winemaker, Toit Wessels, who creates incredible wines that are worth every single award they’ve won. Their red blends are stellar and worthy of being paired with any Michelin-star dish. The wines are terroir driven with minimal intervention, as they are located at the foothills of the Paarl mountains in the heart of the Cape wine lands.

To find the wines of these amazing wineries, please join us at

If you have any inquiries you may reach out to us at 925-301-6491, feel free to call or text! We are also here to help out with any food and wine pairing suggestions, email Petra directly at

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